Developing proof-of-concept short films

hands-on and practical experience helps to prepare upon entering the film industry.

TAFTA provides training in all areas of sound production

Background of Tafta

Established in 2014, Tamale Film and Television Academy (TAFTA) is a hands-on vocational training school that realizes the need for the youth to take advantage of the emerging rewards in the video and television industry across the globe

Our program requires students to complete an eight months highly intensive hands-on approach to digital film making, designed to teach basic filmmaking skills including Directing, Producing, Screenwriting, Acting, Broadcast performance, Cinematography, Sound Production and Video Editing.


At TAFTA you will be designing your own pathway, develop your project, learn the skills that you need in order to progress, and find a foothold in the industry.

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Broadcast Performance

The professional journalism track prepares students for careers in news reporting, editing and production in radio, television, or online media.

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When a movie ends, long after the final credits roll, viewers are often left with a single shot or image in their head.

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Choggu-Nobisco Junction,
Northern Region of Ghana

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